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Re-Elect Karen Stepper!

For 20 years, Karen has served the community of Danville as a town council member. In that time, Danville has enjoyed prosperity, safety, and world-class municipal services, all with a fiscally responsible local government. 

On Karen's watch:

  • Danville has been named the safest city in California 5 consecutive years.

  • Danville has more free downtown parking than ever before.

  • Danville has remained debt-free and has managed its finances responsibly.

In addition, Danville has maintained the "small town" vision so important to its residents. Parks and outdoor recreation areas have grown, crime statistics continue to drop, and the Council continues to support local Danville businesses.

With your support, Karen will continue to uphold her commitment to fiscal accountability, robust transportation, support for veterans and education, and the preservation of Danville's parks and open spaces.

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Call for a yard sign

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FPPC: 1247916
Stepper for Council 2022
230 Burleigh Place
Danville, CA 94526

 Our Campaign kick-off event is on May 6

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FPPC 1247916

FPPC: 1247916
Stepper for Council 2022

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